Best birthday quotes and wishes for son

Best birthday quotes and wishes for son

With our original birthday wishes for sons,Find the most heartfelt birthday wishes,messages,quotes,sayings for your son.A wonderful collection of son birthday wishes from mom and dad.

Best birthday quotes and wishes for son
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“Son, you’re our greatest blessing.I can’t imagine my life without you in it. Happy birthday!”


“May your birthday and all your tomorrows be blessed with everything good in life!”


“Having a son like you to love is the dearest blessing for us.Happy birthday, dear boy! ”


“We've always been proud of you.You are the greatest son in all that you do!Happy birthday, son!”


“Every single day since you were born, you've added something amazing to my life. Happy Birthday, dear boy!”


“We're so lucky to have such a great son like you.This is your special day and I hope you enjoy it to the fullest!”


“A big “happy birthday” to an amazing son and an even more amazing man.Hope your birthday brings a smile to yours!”


“Only a few parents are privileged to be blessed with a gifted son like you.Best wishes on your special day”


“Happy birthday to the best son in the whole wide world!our dearest son! Have a nice birthday!”


“The day you were born was a day to celebrate! you are the main reason why our life is filled with so much fun.Have a nice birthday!”


“Every year you grow older, and I grow prouder of such an awesome son.Happy birthday son, I hope it is your best day ever.”


“Today is the perfect day to celebrate you, my amazing little guy!Happy Birthday my beloved son!”


“My sweet son, blessings to you on your special day and every day.I hope that the birthday cake I sent you is soft and sweet.”


“I love you so much and hope your day is fabulous.Have an amazing birthday!”


“Having a son like you is reason to be proud and happy,You have brought joy into my life,Happy Birthday, kiddo!”


“Every single day you’ve added something amazing to my life.Happy Birthday, dear boy!”


“You are loved for the smart kid you were,Even though you have grown older, you are still our baby”


“Our whole world can be summed up in just three letters – SON. you will always be our little toddler and a piece of our hearts you will forever be.”


“All of it – is the only place you have in my heart. A son like you gives us a reason to stay happy and proud each day, thank you!”


“On the day you were born, we became in-sync with our destiny. Happy Birthday to the best son on the planet!”


“No matter what you do or how old you become, for us you’ll always be our little son.Happy Birthday, dear boy!”


“As you blow the candle in your cake, always remember that your love is like a candle that will forever burn in our hearts.”


“Sons like you must be called “suns”, since you literally bring sunshine into our lives.Happy Birthday, dear boy!”


“No matter how old you have grown, our love for you will always be shown.Happy Birthday, dear boy!”


“No matter where you go, we will send you best wishes, too! And no matter how successful you will become, you will still remain our little baby son.”


“The charming person you are now and the wonderful son you will always be!We are very happy parents to have a wonderful son like you.”


“May your special day be blessed with everything that your heart wishes!Happy Birthday, dear boy!”


“Wherever life takes you, whatever the goals that you endeavour, I will always be so proud of you!Happy Birthday, dear boy!”


“Many years ago on this very day, you came into our lives and brought us happiness, joy and a lot of love.Happy Birthday, dear boy!”

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